As a Small Business Owner, Have You Faced the Domino Effect?

My family and friends love to get together and play dominoes. There are various games you can play and our favorite is one we call Blocker. You can connect your domino onto the end of any like domino train until someone places a double domino at the end of one of the trains. There must be three lines coming off the double before you can add to any other lines. This usually stops most players until they pull a dominoqq pkv  that matches the double.

Sometimes in business a problem comes along and you feel that you must solve that problem before you can move on to building your business. You may feel you are stagnated until you solve the current problem – like the current poor economy.

Successful businesses continue to do what works during any situation. Do you need to cut back on advertising – look for inexpensive ways to get you name out to your target market. Here is just one example.

If you are a local business, setting up a neighborhood Facebook group is a great way to get the word out about your business. You will need to have a personal account on Facebook and then you can create a group. Let’s say your business is in downtown Beaufort. Create a group called Downtown Beaufort. Be sure and select the group type of geographical and then neighborhood category when creating the group.

Fill in the basic information for the group. Create a flyer about the group and pass it out to your customers, businesses in the same area and write a press release for the local newspaper. Create a buzz around your group – let people know that this is the place to come to find coupons, sales and what’s happening in Downtown Beaufort. Place a link on your website to the group (have the surrounding businesses do the same.)


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